Sponsored Exhibits

Navajo Treaty of 1868

Location: Navajo Nation Museum

Start Date: Jun 01, 2018

End Date: Jun 30, 2018

For the first time the Navajo Treaty of 1868 will be available to public viewing at the Navajo Nation Museum. Opening day events will include guest speakers, a public forum, children's programing and vendors. The exhibit can be visited seven days a ... read more

Unidentified Diné Man and Manuelito, New Mexico Territory, ca.1867 by Nicholas Brown & Son

Return to Diné Bikéyah

Location: Maxwell Museum

End Date: Dec 31, 2018

Diné, meaning “The People,” is how the Navajo refer to themselves. The Diné comprise the largest Indigenous nation in North America. Diné Bikéyah, also known as The Navajo Nation, stretches across portions of Utah, Ar... read more

Elements of the Earth: Potters from Ohkay Owingeh Past and Present

Location: Ortiz Gathering Space in Maxwell Museum

Start Date: Sep 26, 2008

The Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies program opened the Ortiz Center Gathering Space on Friday September 26th 2008 at the Maxwell Museum. This space is located in the north gallery of the museum and is dedicated to the memory of the la... read more

Woven Stories at the Maxwell Museum

Location: Maxwell Museum

Woven Stories: Navajo Weavers in a Changing World features Twenty-one Navajo textiles and over forty photographs taken by John Collier, Jr. offer opportunities to reminisce, re-negotiate the past and make connections to the present. Weavers build up... read more

Historias de la Frontera: Border Stories

Location: Maxwell Museum

Start Date: Oct 06, 2017

Historias de la Frontera celebrates the exhibition with presentations by New Mexico Dreamers Selene Vences-Ortiz and Felipe Rodriguez Romero of the New Mexico Dream Team, and  Armando A. Bustamante of UNM El Centro de la Raza. They will discuss... read more

Tohono O’odham Man in the Maze basket, ca. First half of the 20th century, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology  Collection

La Frontera y Nuevo México: The Border and New Mexico

Location: Maxwell Museum

End Date: Sep 30, 2017

The cultural ramifications of national borders have become an increasingly important topic in anthropology, mirroring the global importance of the topic in general.  Because New Mexico is on the U.S.-Mexico border, the politics of that borde... read more

Entering Standing Rock: the Protest Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Location: Maxwell Museum

End Date: Mar 10, 2018

Native Americans have been resisting colonial and American government impositions since the arrival of colonists in the Americas during the 15th century. Opposition includes events as diverse as the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and the founding of the A... read more

Woman's Oud, mid-20th century, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Collection

No Hate, No Fear: Responses to the Presidential Ban of Refugees and Immigrants

Location: Maxwell Museum

End Date: Mar 03, 2018

The title of this small but important exhibition is taken from a common refrain chanted at recent protests happening around the country: “No Hate, No Fear, immigrants (or “refugees”) are welcome here!” The protests were a res... read more

Chinese plate

Cross Currents: China Exports and the World Responds

Location: Maxwell Museum

End Date: Mar 03, 2018

Many things we use every day, from coffee mugs to iPhones, come from China.  The pattern began more than 2,000 years ago, when the Han dynasty promoted the "Silk Road" through central Asia, and the first porcelain objects arrived in Europe in 1... read more