Past Awardees

Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies

2020-2022 Awardees

  1. “Enhancing and Supporting Local Indigenous Scholars in the Study of Dancing and Running Traditions among Native Americans in New Mexico”, Ian J. Wallace (Assistant Professor Anthropology, UNM), Jordan Martinez, (Graduate Student, Anthropology UNM), Travis Thompson, (Undergraduate Student, Anthropology, UNM), and Dustin Martin (Executive Director of Wings of America), Fall 2022.
  2. “Building Partnerships in Tribal Consultations”, Kari Schleher (Assistant Professor and Archaeology Curator, Anthropology and Maxwell Museum, UNM) and Lorraine Gala Lewis (Laguna/Taos/Hopi), Spring 2022.
  3. “Market Integration and Human-Environment Interactions in Northern Alaska: The Walakpa Site”, Abigail Judkins (Graduate Student, Anthropology, UNM) and Anne Jensen) Iñupiat History Language and Culture Commission), Spring 2022.
  4. “iArch Exhibit - Pueblo Contemporary Architecture”, Ted Jojola (Regents/Distinguished Professor in CRP & Director of iDPi, UNM), Dr. Lynn Paxson (Emeritus Professor, Iowa State University), Paula Mirabal, (Head Curator, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center), Spring 2022.
  5. “Indigenous Borderlands in North America Conference”, Samuel Truett (Director, Center for the Southwest, UNM), Joshua L. Reid (Associate Professor, History, University of Washington), Elizabeth N. Ellis (Assistant Professor, History, New York University), Nakia D. Parker (Assistant Professor, History, Michigan State University), and Boyd Cothran (Associate Professor, History, York University, Canada), Spring 2022.
  6. “Sephardic Ancestors of New Mexico: Community Building through Genealogy Research”, Sarah Leiter (Graduate Student, Anthropology, UNM), Monique Martinez and Ana Maria Gallegos (NM Sephardic Research), José Antonio Esquibel (independent researcher, Knight of the Order of Isabella), and Rabbi Dr. Jordan Gendra (Sephardic Heritage Institute NM), Spring 2022.
  7. “Enhancing and Supporting Local Indigenous Scholars in the Study of Skeletal Health among Native Americans in New Mexico”, Ian J. Wallace (Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNM), and Christophe Toya (Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Jemez Pueblo), 2021.
  8. “Independencia Territorial, Educacional, y de Salud: Encuentro Intercultural entre los Sanapaná (Paraguay) y los Nasa (Colombia)”, Jens Van Gysel (PhD Candidate, Linguistics, UNM), and Richard File-Muriel, (Study Abroad, UNM), 2020.
  9. “Intercultural Indigenous Research and Exchange in Mexico El Centro de la Raza”, Jorge Garcia, (El Centro de la Raza and Graduate Student, Chicana and Chicanx Studies, UNM), and Ze Mazatl, 2020.