About the Ortiz Center


The mission of the Ortiz Center is to create enduring partnerships and collaborations that address community-driven priorities through public-facing anthropology and humanities initiatives.

The center is named for the late Alfonso Ortiz, UNM anthropology professor, MacArthur fellow, and native of San Juan Pueblo. He believed anthropology is a mirror for humanity, and that the barriers between the university and world communities must be eliminated.

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote respect and appreciation for intercultural communication, cultural heritage, and the environment.
  • To foster a new approach in anthropology that involves individuals and communities in collaboration.
  • To encourage new forms of intercultural expression, including dance, art, visual media, exhibitions, and performances.
  • To empower local communities in New Mexico and throughout the world to share their knowledge on their own terms.

What We Do

Community Scholars

Support for projects initiated by community scholars as they teach, learn, and engage in public dialogue with faculty, students, and the public

Co-curated Exhibits

Artists and cultural specialists from traditional communities work with museum curators to interpret existing collections, gather and document new collections, and develop new exhibitions and public programs

Internships and Fellowships

UNM students and diverse community members work together to develop community inspired projects in service learning, public lectures, and symposia

Programs for New Mexico Families

Family activities for people of all ages and abilities are free of charge to the public

Music, Dance, Film, and Cultural Performances

Presentations given by traditional community members for all to enjoy

The Ortiz Gathering Space

Touch screen presentations feature Ortiz programs and exhibitions past and present