Daniel Shattuck

Photo: Daniel Shattuck

Ortiz Policy Fellow Academic Year 2018-2019

Daniel Shattuck is a PhD candidate in the Ethnology subfield of the University of New Mexico Anthropology Department. He holds a BA in Anthropology (concentration in applied anthropology) from North Carolina State University, and a MA in Anthropology from UNM. His research interests include the anthropology of food, Italy/Europe, and the construction of connoisseurship and knowledge. His dissertation research focuses on the assemblage of taste and taste communities around extra virgin olive oil in Italy. His research has been supported by the UNM Department of Anthropology and the Graduate and Professional Student Association. Daniel also currently works as a Research Associate and Implementation Coach with the Behavioral Research Center of the Southwest, a center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. He is charged with data collection, analysis, and project management as well as working closely with sites in implementing strategies to address structural vulnerabilities and health disparities faced by sexual and gender minority populations.