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The Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies provides funding for projects that align with the mission of the center:

The Ortiz Center was founded as a collaborative endeavor between the Department of Anthropology and the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico for the purpose of academic outreach within and beyond the campus environment. The center is named for the late UNM anthropology professor, MacArthur fellow, and native of Ohkay Owingeh (formerly San Juan Pueblo), Alfonso Ortiz. In keeping with Dr. Ortiz’s vision, the center strives to make academic knowledge relevant, useful, and accountable to the university and the community at large, as well as to enhance, inform, and support community scholars, artists, writers, policy makers, and researchers whose work is relevant to the study of human life and experience. The Ortiz Center thus seeks to serve as a site and resource for the pursuit of knowledge through inclusive dialogue, exchange, and innovation.

Administered in the Department of Anthropology, the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies promotes equitable partnerships between communities and the University of New Mexico through collaborative programs in the humanities and public anthropology.

The Center supports multiple and varied programs that bridge the worlds of academia and the wider community. These interdisciplinary programs include sponsorship of public lectures, museum programs for the public, and community exchange through workshops, projects, and collaborations. [Program subjects include but are not limited to indigenous material culture, oral history, environment and climate change, education, food, and health.]


The Ortiz Center provides funding on a year to year basis.  A new project request form must be submitted each year to extend or supplement funding for an existing project.  Project extension requests also require a report of activities completed on the project to date.

A Project Request form with budget detail is required for each submission.  Detailed instructions for completing the form are as follows:

Date of Request: Note the date you are submitting the project request to the Ortiz Center for review.

Requested By: Provide both your name and the name of your organization/group/affiliation.

Contact Information: Provide phone and email contact information here.

Proposed Project Dates: Provide proposed project dates (start and end), and anticipated duration, along with the full title of your project.

Purpose of Project: Indicate the purpose of the project, checkingALL that apply:

  • Education: This category supports the costs of educational activities related to the project, such as public lectures, classroom instructional materials, project-related publications, and audio visual components. Funds in this category can be used to support speakers, films and videos, and brochures or hand-outs.
  • Public Outreach: This category supports activities and materials relating to outreach and communication with collaborating partners, such as community representatives or organizations. It also includes support for project promotion through press kits, media contacts, and website information. Limited non-food costs for receptions may also be included.
  • Exhibit Support: This category includes support for the planning and implementation of exhibits, including funds for guest curators, community collaborators, and consultants, in addition to the typical costs of exhibit production and installation.
  • Other:  This category applies to multi-year projects, or projects that occur outside of the academic-fiscal year cycle.  For example, if you are requesting an extension of funding or additional funding for a current project, indicate here.

Detailed Project Description: Provide a detailed project description, using additional pages as necessary.  This description should include how the project aligns with the mission of the Ortiz Center, your plan for public outreach and inclusion, and the background/history of the project.  If the project has specific insurance or security issues, please include them in the description; the costs for these special requirements should be itemized in your budget. For instance, if rental of a university lecture hall requires security personnel, please indicate that and itemize the cost; if an exhibit requires loaned materials and associated costs or specific security measures for display, please describe this here and itemize associated costs in the budget.

Itemized Budget Detail: Each project request will require a line item budget detail.  Categories may include: materials and supplies, publicity/outreach, consultants, travel, fees and services,and other costs directly related to the production and/or dissemination of the project. Include the amount of funding for each line item you are requesting, and provide the total requested amount as well.  Also include any matching or in-kind funds that will support the project. Combine the requested amount and the matching amount to reflect the true and full costs of the project.

Additional Notes: If you are attaching additional information, note “see attached.”  This section may be used for explanations and other comments as well.


Your request will be reviewed by the Ortiz Advisory Committee, comprised of the following UNM personnel:

Clarence Cruz, Art and Art History

Jennifer Denetdale, American Studies

Jorge Garcia, El Centro de la Raza

Lloyd Lee, Native American Studies

Wirt Wills, Maxwell Museum

Anthropology Department Chair, ex officio

Ortiz Center Director, ex officio

Requests are due no later than September 15, and will be reviewed by October 30.  You will be notified of the review results by the Ortiz Director.


If you are approved for funding for your project, you must acknowledge the contribution of the center using the full name: Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies and include the Ortiz logo on publicity materials and printed matter such as brochures and exhibition labels. 


All funds allocated to your project must be used for the specified project.  While we recognize that at times the needs of the project may change, significant modifications in the budget detail must be submitted to the director for prior approval before funds are spent.  In no case should these funds be used for a project not approved by the advisory committee or the director.

Funds will be transferred to a designated UNM index or issued as a check.


If you are approved for funding, you must provide a report on the project by the end of the year funded, or on the completion of the project, whichever comes first.  Reports must include the following information:

1. Title of project, date(s) and place

2. What was the goal of your project?

  • Provide a description of what the funds accomplished.

3. Who participated in, and/or attended or benefited from your project?

  • Provide the number of attendees and/or participants, including those who received outreach materials
  • Provide a description of audience members, such as age, ethnic or minority status, campus affiliation.
  • Did you have a target audience(s), and were you able to reach it/them?

4. How did you spend your funds?

  • Itemize funding expenditures and explain any deviation from original budget (see previous item for restrictions)

5. Was your project successful?

  • Provide an evaluation of the project, including public or participant comments.
  • Did you meet project goals?
  • Did you encounter any problems or issues along the way? If so, please describe and explain what you learned from them.
  • What benefits did the project produce?
  • Would it be useful to pursue the project in some capacity in the future?

6. Why was Ortiz Center funding important?

  • Evaluate the significance of Ortiz Center funding for the project.

7. Would you apply to the Ortiz Center for future funding?